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In order to melt our nodular cast iron we operate 4 induction furnaces, each having a capacity of approx. 3.5 tonnes. As a result we have a continuous supply of molten cast iron available to secure an uninterrupted production process. The core of our production is the DISA-Matic MK4 casting machine. This is a fully-automatic vertical casting machine that meets our requirements of high casting speed and great accuracy, thus enabling us to meet the customer’s requirements. Series from a few thousand units up to an annual volume of approx. 400,000 are possible – either in form of raw castings or as completely finished products. After casting the products are cooled down in the AMC cooling section, a process that takes an average of 30 minutes. Next the castings arrive in a (cooling) drum which separates the moulding sand from the product.

The moulding sand is returned to the storage tanks to be reused, the castings are automatically transported to a steel blasting plant with 6 gradation levels. Being separated from the runner passage and product feeders the product is submitted to a quality check in our laboratory.  After passing the test the product is finished and shipped to the customer. Mechanical treatment and surface finishing are carried out by certified suppliers.

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